Ph.D. Program in Infrastructure and Environmental Systems (INES)

The Ph.D. in Infrastructure and Environmental Systems (INES) integrates science, technology and management disciplines for students who are researching the complex challenges facing urbanizing regions. These challenges include the interplay between infrastructure and the environment, contemporary sustainability issues, and renewable energy development. Our graduates are engaged in scientific research, improving technology, and economic development to better understand the interface between the natural and built environment.

INES engages a wide range of faculty expertise originating from academic programs in civil and environmental engineering, geography and earth sciences, engineering management, engineering technology, and architecture; as well as associated disciplines of economics and finance, ecology, biology and chemistry. All of our full-time students receive some form of financial support, tuition awards, and health benefits. Our curriculum has been updated to reflect the program’s interdisciplinary STEM-approach in teaching and research activities.

Several national and international universities collaborate with INES on faculty and student exchanges, and joint supervision of doctoral students. We invite your exploration of this truly interdisciplinary educational opportunity and look forward to hearing from you.

Jy S. Wu, Ph.D., P.E., P.H.
Director of INES

Craig Allan, Ph.D.
Associate Director of INES